Sunday, 1 April 2012

A volunteer wig sewer is required

I received the following e-mail from KOGO (Knit one Give one) with regard to the wig bank.  KOGO is a charity organisation in Melbourne that I knit for.  If anyone out there can help with this particular need, please make contact with Anne Nicholson.  A very worthy cause, giving dignity back to women who have lost their hair to the effects and treatments of cancer.  Love to you all.

Dear Ros,

The Mornington Wig bank and Peninsula Hospital have been providing us with an amazing amount of assistance and direct support for establishing a wig bank at Cabrini Brighton. This support has encompassed, orientating us to their systems and processes, providing us with wigs and other supplies as well as patterns for making the head wear needed.  I have just heard from Kate Smith their Wig Library Volunteer supervision telling me that they have just lost their  volunteer sewer.  I wondered if on your amazing volunteer data base you could have any volunteers who live on the Peninsula that could be interested in helping them. It would be great if we could assist them in return


Anne Nicholson

Cabrini Brighton


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