Sunday, 3 March 2013

I've been away for a while

My how time flies when you are having fun.

Life has been happening since last we met.  Friend from the Old Dart out here to see new grandchildren, so we toured Canberra together along with friends from Victoria.
After farewelling them all we set off for Victoria so I could be with Jay after her operation just to keep an eye on the little man Finn and stop him from jumping on mum.  All went well and I then flew home to the peaceful place.

We planted vegies and prayed for rain.  The heat came and almost destroyed all around, the rain came and washed it away.  Some of what was left suffered from the powdery mildew.  BUT the tomatoes were prolific and the pantry is stocked with tomato sauce and spicy tomato ketchup.  The freezer has pasta sauces, chopped tomatoes, tomato soup and whole frozen tomatoes.  All set for the coming winter.

As the rain continues to fall outside and the crafty creating continues inside, the new round of vegies that were planted during the break in the rain have taken hold.  A row of carrots, which took the whole packet of seeds has finally germinated, parsnips and beetroot have also kicked on.  Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and pak choi are poking their leafy heads out of the seed raising mixture.

A new year, a new granddaughter, a new direction for my craft and thanks to Jay at and her most recent post, a new view on blogging.  I will try not to bore you.

Keep well out there,