Saturday, 7 July 2012

I had nothing better to do, not!!

If you ever want to test your techno savvy, just change you internet provider.  After spending an hour on the phone (yes, that was working) with the technical department, crawling under the desk and checking the wires were connected to the right ports and plugs (must have been, it was working yesterday) and being told that your modem was too slow and not compatable, you head off to town (thats an hours drive) to buy a new modem, you bring it home and follow the instructions and now you are up and running.  And now the fun begins.  You have to change your e-mail address with all of the sites that you have accounts with.  They dont all work the same way you know.
I am pretty sure that I have missed someone.  But I have made a comprehensive list of all the ones that I have done, log in names, passwords, relevant information, so that if "someone" decides that we need to change providers again I will have all the info to hand. (not in my lifetime) (and probably not his, because if he suggests it again, I might have to do something drastic)
Funny how the person who isnt computer literate thought it was a good idea, and the person who is gets to do all the work. I should have know I was in trouble when he called me to the phone and said "here hon, you talk to them".  I think I just might put a password on the screen saver, that should teach him a lesson, it is just as well I love him dearly.
Now that I have my internet back, it is all good.