Thursday, 9 February 2012

We havent had too many storms this year!!

I will learn, one day, not to make statements like this.  Sitting in bed on Monday morning, solving the problems of the world with my hubby, I just happened to mention that we have not had any storms this summer.  Yes, well !!
So on Tuesday, off I go to town for some business and an info session on Incorporated Association.  While heading to town I noticed that the sky was a little dark to the west but did not take too much notice.  After business off to the hairdresser in Allora.  This lovely little town is about 20 minutes from home.  I was getting my hair permed, us little old ladies do that sort of thing.  We were about two thirds of the way through the process when the wind got up.  A quick look outside indicated that there would not be too much time before the storm was on us.  Process of perming completed and I was out of there, really hoping to get home before the storm took hold.  Rang hubby to let him know that I was on my way home and then drove straight into the storm drive of my life. 
A little trip that usually only takes 20 minutes took me 40 minutes.
For most of the drive I could not see any more than 10 metres in front of the car.  I was in a waterfall.  I just kept telling myself I will get ahead of it soon, I am heading the same way as the storm, it only just started so I will get ahead of it soon.
There was so many cars that had pulled over on the highway, cars smaller than mine, there were even semi-trailers pulled over.  I must have been driving on pure fear, I just couldn't stop, I just kept thinking, I know this road, I know where I am and that I was nearly home.
I made it, unharmed and dry in person.  The car got a good wash.
The view from the back door when I got home towards the house on the corner, notice the wind wipping the wattle tree.

The view, or what you could see across the valley.
Wednesday dawned, clear and sunny, a few clouds in the west.
We went shopping in Warwick, a quick look to the west showed an ever darkening sky, I did say to hubby that I did not think that we would get it as it was moving along the range.
Coming out of town and heading for home the ominous grey wall was just over the hill from town, directly in our drive to home.
The weather front had split and one half went along the range and the other went through the valley towards home.  They joined forces over the valley.
Day two of the storm drive, not as bad as the previous day, but who likes driving in a waterfall.
We made it home.  The groceries stayed in the car until the rain ceased.
We were greeted by torrential rain.

The rain was so heavy the tanks could not take the overflow and the water was coming up out of the top of the tank.

Looking out of the front door, the water coming across the front verandah.

The front verandah, from front door to the left end.

The front verandah to the right end.
 In case you were wondering, or just had not noticed from previous photos, we live on the top of a ridge, looking across a valley.  The rain was so heavy that the water just built up in our front garden and overflowed onto our front verandah.
So I thought that I would just take a look out the office window, facing the west and what is on the way.

Yes it is really grey on the horizon.

My granddaughter calls them painted clouds.
It is a couple of hours away, but I just might go and tie up a few things.
I hopefully will think twice before mentioning the lack of storm activity again.

Keep yourselves well

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  1. Oh nooo, that's what you get hey! Tempting fate n' all. You did want a swimming pool at some stage didn't you ( : Crazy weather!